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Writers Junction is participating in Kicking the Can!

Kicking The Can aims to open up the bottom of the historic Walcot Street in Bath by removing the area’s abandoned toilet block at street level.

Events co-ordinator Jo Butts has organised a series of events, to include exhibitions and installations, around the demolition to both celebrate the removal and its replacement with a viewing platform, which her colleague Rae Harris describes as: ‘something useful for the whole street’.

The fun begins on May 26 with ‘Spend A Penny’ - an invitation for locals to come and make their final mark on the building. Kicking The Can will actively encourage people to add their own graffiti, art or memories to the internal walls of the building for one last time. Badgers and MP’s welcome.

Over the next few weeks the site will be home to a whole host of original and inspiring happenings, from the Pizzazz Circus Skills workshop on June 3 and a performance by Brendan the Pop Poet (a former Bard Of Bath) on June 8 to an exhibition of drawings on cigarette papers - Rizlart - which takes place on June 2 and a final public demolition of the Walcot Wall on June 15.

Today, 26 May, Pauline Masurel is the designated spray-painter of graffiti composed and contributed by WJ writers in the UK, Canada and US. She's making our marks on the walls of the Walcot Street Toilet even as this webpage uploads.

Further details of projects and exploits to come!

Nicki Hastie
Everdeen Tree


This page last updated on: 28 May 2003