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Nicki Hastie

I have an enduring interest in autobiographical story-telling and the ways in which reading/writing can become routes for exploring/building identity. Like many people I turned to words to gain a sense of self around a central experience which, for me, was coming out as a young lesbian. A project in progress is a hypertext on that theme which can be found at http://www.nickihastie.demon.co.uk amongst lesbian essays and other writings.

Also apparent in my online writing is my enjoyment of constructing poetry with magnetic word tiles. This has become a way to interact and collaborate with other writers. I invite word manipulations at the Magnetic Library (part of an online journey) and elsewhere aim to Elicit Subplots in the Boulevard des Desseins at LinguaMOO.

Contact me at: nicki@nickihastie.demon.co.uk

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This page last updated on: 17 February 2003