Writers Junction


Writers Junction is a webspace where webwriters work and display their projects.

Think of Writers Junction as a crossroads with white-walled studios where writers come in and work. Their writing with words and images will splash the paint on the walls.

The writers and their projects, the connectors and the results of those connections, are what's most important at this junction. In addition to the collaborative projects, there are pages for individual writers.

Writers Junction is a site where work is being developed by people with a variety of timelines and schedules -- and levels of comfort for "working in public". Projects will be linked to the Signboard and become visible at different stages of development, according to decisions made by the writers.

Two projects at LinguaMOO have information pages with directions on how to visit. Several pages already include windows into the projects themselves and/or links to samples of the writing.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at: everdeen@writersjunction.net

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This page last updated on: 2 April 2003