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Glenis Stott

Several years ago my life was totally changed by the sudden loss of my daughter. During that difficult time writing became a way of putting texture and colour back into a flat grey world. When life became slightly easier, I searched the Internet for writing sites and, luckily, came across some of the colourful characters who are now members of Writers Junction.

Currently I'm writing a novel, "Brother 'Lijah built the Ark," about life in a religious community. I enjoy taking part in collaborative writing where the ideas and words zigzag from one writer to the next until the writing develops its own individual quality. My alter-ego, Strathis, has a Room with a View at http://lingua.utdallas.edu:7000/16119/ and my website is at www.glenisstott.net

Contact me at: gstottuk@yahoo.co.uk

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This page last updated on: 1 July 2003